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Pakistan’s coolest university filled with the most extra ordinary and fun individuals that you will ever encounter. We host CARMA every year, of course we’re awesome!


The society behind CARMA and LUMS’s journalism society. We are proud to announce that this is perhaps the only journalism society in Pakistan which avoids sensationalism. Mostly. Probably. Maybe.


The only student journalism event in Pakistan where delegates are given the opportunity to experience the life of a journalist first hand. We are proud of our legacy of imparting countless delegates with amazing experiences in the past five years.

Social Events

Opening Ceremony

Delegates! After the long, long wait, we’ll introduce you the ‘Steve Jobs’ of the event and unveil the reason for your struggle to your utmost strength during the next four days, the winning trophy of CARMA V. You’ll also be introduced to the host team, the mastermind behind the event.


To give you a chance to quench your thirst for gaming and let your appetite lose on the food, we’ll bring to you the carnival. You might also be surprised with an old movie, one that refreshes your memories and makes you smile at yester-years


Grab your friends for a crazy evening with loud music. We hope you’ve got your voice boxes intact because we’re looking forward to hear you screeaammm at the Concert. There will be stalls set up by companies and you might just get lucky to get a discount voucher.

Closing Ceremony

The day you’ve been waiting for. The day you spend hours in front of the mirror to choose just the right outfit to wear on the formal dinner. You’ll be greeted with fine cuisine and just as much as you’ll be impatient to learn the results, we’ll be equally excited to announce them and hand over the winning trophy to the deserving team.

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Journalism Events

International Delegates


Journalists today are not just people with cameras and pens, using their specific means to inform the world. They’re watchdogs, investigators, moderators, entertainers, analysts, commentators, and advertisers. They are community activists, agenda-setters, and voices for the voiceless. They are public servants, keepers of public record, protectors of democracy, and promoters of public dialogue. It is for their crucial role in society that we invite people from the international community to come and celebrate journalists for these roles.

CARMA’ 14 focuses on history and its importance in helping us finding our bearings today. Here again, we have journalists to thank for informing us of the geo-political situation of the world and for making us aware of where we position ourselves in this web. The past has seen a shift of power between nations, oppressive forces becoming stronger, subdued people stumbling in the political dynamic and physical calamities that have deeply affected nations. There have been changes in the economic situations and these have always determined the shape of international politics. With such a course of history that makes people feel little in the wrath of the big bad world, journalists become the servants of people informing and interpreting events. They have the desire to influence and are ready to champion the cause of the underdog and expose corruption and abuse of offices.

In Pakistan, journalism has emerged much stronger than before in recent years. It still faces glitches because of unstable governance but we choose to look at the positive side where this discipline has come a long way and offers hope to people in assuring them that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. We invite the international community as journalism has paid a pivotal role in their societies by crushing antagonistic sentiments and hostilities between counties and given us an opportunity to come together and celebrate media and journalists for their true value.

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  • Address: Lahore University of Management Sciences, D.H.A, Lahore Cantt, 54792
  • For registrations queries: reg.carma@lums.edu.pk
  • For other queries and information: info.carma@lums.edu.pk

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