Welcome to CARMA Registration


Our primary aim this year at CARMA is to make the delegate experience as pleasant as possible. Therefore, we have designed a comprehensive and user-friendly Registrations Portal. All delegations who wish to attend CARMA can create their own accounts through which they can access the portal with ease. A unique CARMA ID (e.g. CRM 3) will be generated automatically for all delegations who register at the Portal. The CARMA ID will then be used by the delegation throughout the registrations process and through to the conference as well.

In Phase 2 of the registrations process, a tentative deadline for payments will be given to conditionally accepted delegations. Once they make a complete payment to CARMA, their acceptance would be confirmed. For the ease of the delegates, a conference cost calculator will be provided on the Portal in Phase 2 in order to help the delegations ascertain the exact amounts they have to pay. With this feature, we hope to minimize errors and maximize the convenience of the delegations.

Should you have any suggestions, queries or problems, please mail us at carma.lums@gmail.com. We hope to see you all this January!