The theme for the twelfth of CARMA is “CARMA-Glitched”. The theme intend to exemplify the concept of a glitch to transliterate, engaging narratives for subsequent  journalistic and media sub-events, where the term glitch, will be understood both in its literal context, i.e. an unanticipated technological malfunction, and with metaphorical underpinnings, where the narratives inspired by the disorder depicted in a glitch, would serve as social commentary on culture and politics, and our understanding of technology and control. In the age of exponential technological growth, world’s incessant uploading of information, and fetishism with Big Data, possibilities of plausible malfunctions, are anticipated and limitless. With this year’s CARMA, we not only want to illustrate the plausible occurrence of technological glitches in our lived matrix, but also identify the exploitation, violation, damage and harm that can be inflicted by those holding autonomous control over mass data and media alike.


“Ever wished for your own Vogue or The New Yorker? Then Print Pandemonium is the right Event for you. Express your thoughts and jot them down in your very own newsletter for the world to read. After attending a workshop to arm yourself with the basic skills, you will be free to compile and design the newsletter by exploring your creativity and expanding your imaginative boundaries beyond the scope of the situation. While the conventional contents usually include a letter to the editor, a few host team member interviews and brief CARMA coverage, at least one original element in each newsletter is mandatory. The Newsletter must draw inspiration from this year’s theme and substantiate its write-ups accordingly.  More originality means more brownie points though, so keep the creativity coming!”

Structure: Must be submitted on the last day of CARMA


“Pull yourself away from being merely a role player in detective killer games to step into the shoes of a real detective. We present IJE: the event that personifies the idea of investigative journalism. As you smoke your figurative cigars and tilt your figurative bowler hat, meander your way through the clues and guideposts, which include scenes acted out by characters, scattered all over the campus. This event will force you to delve into a dark realm of murder and mystery, and you will find yourselves using a combination of analytical and perceptive skills, as well as creativity in to unravel the web of secrets which hide the culprits and tie the story line together in a news report for the world to read.”

Structure: 3-4 delegates per team; 3 phases.


“Each night, we sit down to stare at out television screens where we’re bombarded with bland, manipulated, mind-numbing news. How about you take charge of telecasting the news and report it the way you feel it should be? ‘Anchor it’ gives you the perfect opportunity to uncover your hidden talent of a true news caster with its two phases: the first phase will target your hosting and presenting skills where you will have to submit a radio broadcast staying cognizant of the situation or scenario provided, while the second phase will give you a chance to host your own news show with some famous personalities. Avail the chance to showcase your ability to balance humor with professionalism and dignity.”

Structure: 2 Phases; 2 Delegates per team allowed.


Are you a digital arts’ enthusiasts? And more importantly do you harbour the impulse to articulate cultural issues and catalyze societal change? If so then this digital informational venture, termed Illustrated Journalism, is the event for you! By building on contemporary topics of social concern or otherwise, you will be required to submit a creative visual piece and an editorial text that articulates your inspiration for the art and its intended message. By virtue of becoming de facto illustrated journalists, you would be required to construct your own metaphors, personified entities and more,  for whatever social commentary or criticism you are trying to relay to your audiences. You will have to stay cognizant of this year’s theme, “CARMA-glitched”, that is in fact inspired by glitch artists who communicate the uncertainty in our lived reality thorough glitched art. The best illustrated journalistic piece will be featured on LDS’s monthly newspaper “The LUMS Post” on their “Arts and Culture” beat on the website.

Structure: Must be submitted on the last day of CARMA


“In this age of information and hyper-reality, the media is capable of crafting the reality it pleases, and present news in a way that influences and shapes the mind-set of society. If you strive to stand out from the rest, and recognize the tactics used by the media, then Discover the Difference is the event for you. Meticulously designed to provide insight into the biases perpetuated within the media, this event is divided into two phases. The first phase is aimed at the participant’s’ ability to critically analyze a piece, while the second phase places participants in a practical situation where they have to tap into their inner reporters by attending a news conference to identify and perpetuate the biases.

The winner of the event is determined by the most effective display of analytical skills and maneuverability of journalist ethics.”

Structure: The event consists of two phases, 2-3 delegates.


How you get the news across is everything, and sometimes an opportunity is too good to be missed. We present Mix it up: the news presentation event. Present a piece of news, first old school formal style, then toss it in the pan, sizzle it, add some jokes, spice it up with some humor and present it to be savored. This event forces you to look at the same news from multiple perspectives and spin it off wherever you choose to. It allows you to fulfill your newsreader and late-night talk show host fantasies. So put on your entertainer hat and bring your best jokes and most formal mannerisms to see if you got what it takes!

Structure: The event consists of two phases, 2-3 delegates.


ARE YOU READY TO SELL IT! Think you can do a better job of selling than the cringe ads you see daily? Well then, put on your thinking hats cause this event pushes your creative limits. Advert Converted gives you a product to sell: Make a magazine Ad, then a radio one, and top it off with a TV commercial. In this day and age, you can sell anything if you can pitch it well. This event judges your creativity and allows you to develop ingenious ideas to transform the mundane into the ultra-desirable.

Structure: The event consists of three phases. Submission on last day of CARMA  


“Vlogging has taken over the internet in recent years and is steadily becoming one of the major mediums for mass communication. YouTubers have millions of subscribers and views on their vlogs and can reach people from any part of the world. Therefore, keeping the tradition from last two installments of CARMA, ‘vlogosphere’ will be our fourth event. This will stand as an optional event where delegates will have a choice between “Advert – converted” phase 3, or vlogging. Here, delegates will be required to create a ‘vlog’ capturing their moments during CARMA, and quarantine life. The vlog will entail some general coverage of CARMA and delegates quarantine life, specific coverage of at least one journalistic Event (IJE, Snap it, Anchor it etc.) and an informal chat with atleast one host team member. Delegates will be awarded on their incorporation of the theme in their vlog (in composition, stylistic palette, costumes etc.), witty commentary and innovative thinking.”

Structure: This event will accept video submissions on the last day of CARMA.