Into The Future

Journalism Events are the epicenter of CARMA. Embodying the theme Into the Future, these events are the highlight of the 3 day fiesta buzz with excitement and new challenges for our delegates.


“Ever wished for your own Vogue or The New Yorker? Then Print Pandemonium is the right place for you. Express your thoughts and jot them down in your very own newsletter for the world to read. After attending a workshop to arm yourself with the basic skills, you will be free to compile and design the newsletter by exploring your creativity and expanding your imaginative boundaries beyond the scope of the situation. While the conventional contents usually include a letter to the editor, a few host team member interviews and brief CARMA coverage, at least one original element in each newsletter is mandatory. More originality means more brownie points though, so keep the creativity coming. This time, we have decided to shorten the length of the newsletter, making it 4 pages total (front and back), in order to alleviate some of the pressure on you guys, and make the event more enjoyable.”

Structure: Must be submitted on the last day of CARMA.


“Pull yourself away from being merely a role player in detective killer
games to step into the shoes of a real detective. We present IJE: the event
that personifies the idea of investigative journalism. As you smoke your
figurative cigars and tilt your figurative bowler hat, meander your way
through the clues and guideposts, which include scenes acted out by
characters, scattered all over the campus. This event will force you to delve
into a dark realm of murder and mystery, and you will find yourselves using
a combination of analytical and perceptive skills, as well as creativity in to
unravel the web of secrets which hide the culprits and tie the
story line together in a news report for the world to read.”

Structure: 3-4 delegates per team; 3 phases.


“Each night, we sit down to stare at out television screens where we’re
bombarded with bland, manipulated, mind-numbing news. How about you
take charge of telecasting the news and report it the way you feel it should
be? ‘Anchor it’ gives you the perfect opportunity to uncover your hidden
talent of a true news caster with its two phases: the first phase will target
your ability to present news with a ‘tarrka’ of humor, while the second
phase will give you a chance to host your own news show with some
famous personalities. Avail the chance to showcase your ability to balance
humor with professionalism and dignity.”

Structure: 2 Phases; 2 Delegates per team allowed


“Heinous vices plague our society. Child Abuse. Rape. Honor Killings.
Extortion. Discrimination. We cannot sit tight and let them be.
We need to raise our voices; let it be known that these will not be tolerated.
If you want to raise awareness about these issues and do some good, Public
Service Message is the best platform for you. Create a video that speaks out
against these crimes and highlight their dire consequences. Your video
should aim to break through the wall of silence and bring to attention the
activities that happen in the shadows using an audio-visual medium.”

Structure: Delegates will have to submit their video on a given date through
a given medium.


“Stories are nothing but a collection of events. It is only when you string
them together to form a cohesive narrative do you understand the full
drama. If you think you have what it takes to connect such a thrilling saga
of events, then ShootOut is the perfect challenge for you. With three
phases unfolding a dramatic, chaotic storyline, get your cameras ready for
an unforgettable experience. You will have to capture and compile the
events to create a news broadcast, which must contain the basic elements,
both narrative and technical, that you will be judged on. A workshop will
be held to show you how to create such a clip, and last year’s winning story
will also be played to guide you through this arduous task. So, get ready to
give your best!”

Structure: 3 Phases; 3 Delegates allowed per team.


“In this age of information and hyper-reality, the media is capable of
crafting the reality it pleases, and present news in a way that influences and
shapes the mind-set of society. If you strive to stand out from the rest, and
recognize the tactics used by the media, then Discover the Difference is the
event for you. Meticulously designed to provide insight into the biases
perpetuated within the media, this event is divided into two phases. The
first phase is aimed at the participant’s’ ability to critically analyze a piece,
while the second phase places participants in a practical situation where
they have to tap into their inner reporters by attending a news conference
to identify and perpetuate the biases. The winner of the event is
determined by the most effective display of analytical skills and
maneuverability of journalist ethics.”

Structure: The event consists of two phases, 2-3 delegates


“What’s impactful news without an accompanying, powerful picture that
moves you to tears? Where words fail us, pictures capture our attention
and invoke in us instant reactions. Needless to say, photojournalism is a
crucial aspect of journalism. With this thought in mind, we present Snap It;
a series of skits scattered throughout the event. It is up to the delegates to
capture ‘that perfect moment’, in all its narrative and technical glory, for
each skit. They must also come up with a caption to enhance
the effect of the photograph.”

Structure: A series of skits throughout CARMA. Final submission in the
form of a pdf file on the last day.


“Ever wondered what powers the spoken word can evoke? Ever been
mesmerized by the voice of someone else narrating some story? Ever
fancied being a VJ, a radio show host, or even a narrator? If yes, then you
better be ready to get those pipes to work! Voice Box is a radio journalism
event, which will aspire you to reach the masses, and empower them with
the truth.”

Structure: The event accepts video submissions before CARMA. The
second phase will be carried out during CARMA. 3 delegates per team.


“Vlogging has taken over the internet in recent years and is steadily
becoming one of the major mediums for mass communication. YouTubers
have millions of subscribers and views on their vlogs and can reach people
from any part of the world. For the first time ever, we plan on introducing
a vlogging competition at CARMA. Delegates will have to make a video,
vlogging about their time at CARMA, while incorporating the theme of
CARMA into their videos.”

Structure: This event will accept video submissions on the last day of