CARMA commits itself to cultivating in aspiring journalists a thorough and refined understanding of the field, and equipping them with the requisite know-how and expertise to excel in it on a professional level. It serves as a credible platform for them to indulge their passion for journalism, and hone their craft in a creatively stimulating and enriching environment. The event, in convening students from all over the country and offering them the opportunity to acquire guidance from some of the most distinguished voices in the field, encourages a meaningful exchange of ideas that can be instrumental in advancing the prospects of journalism in Pakistan and contributing abundantly to the discourses surrounding it.


The theme for the eighth installment of CARMA is “POP CULTURE”. Simply defined, Pop Culture refers to the culture of the masses, and encompasses the ideas, products of consumption and attitudes that adequately reflect it. Delegates this year will be expected to explore the ethos of popular culture and deconstruct the mechanics that underpin it. Our events and activities will be structured around this theme and will give the students a chance to familiarize themselves with this vast and fascinating realm, in an attempt to unravel interesting insights into the multifarious elements that constitute it.


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Register for CARMA VIII

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Phase 1 of the registrations for CARMA VIII (17th October, 2016- 17th November, 2016) demands the submission of the complete online registration form. The payment procedure and selection of Journalism Events will be catered to in Phase 2 (17th November, 2016-10th December, 2016).

Accommodation would be on-campus.

CARMA VIII authority shall not be liable to pay for any damages caused by any participant during the course of the event. The participants shall take full responsibility of the members of their teams and their actions. In case of any damage incurred by a participant they will be bound to pay the fine imposed by the CARMA VIII & LUMS authority. CARMA VIII & LUMS authority are bound to take strict action (disqualification, NO certificates) against any participant / team if they are found guilty of any unauthorized action or misdemeanor towards any member of the host team or Jury of CARMA VIII and the LUMS authority.

Fee Structure:
RS. 2000 per accommodation
RS. 2500 per team
RS. 3500 per delegate