CARMA, Pakistan’s biggest journalism based event, is back with a bang! Hold on to your hats as LUMS Daily Student brings you the 7th invigorating edition of the Convention for Aspiring Reporters and Media Anchors. CARMA VII will be a 3 day event, packed with a variety of different events, each regarding to a different field of the 21st Century media as it stands today. It will aim at providing an interesting experience of media reporting, together with the feeling of healthy competition and will incorporate a feeling of ‘true’ journalism in the participants.

We have some interesting events planned for you, together with other surprises that will surely blow your mind! So, make sure to be a part of CARMA VII for this one will be the biggest event to take place to date!

So? Bring forth the zeal filled journalist in you and join us at CARMA VII to gain valuable experience in the field of fair journalism. It’s an experience you will surely regret missing! See you there!

Events in CARMA VII


The next time you hit the road and tune on to your favourite radio channel, just pay close attention to the crystal clear voice of the Radio Jockey blaring across your car. We are looking for the most attention grabbing voice of the town, so if you wish to put your flair for verbal communication to a good use you are at the right place. Voice box consists of two rounds; first one being a recording of an enticing introduction to your very own radio show which is to be submitted before the start of CARMA. Best submissions will qualify for the final round. Clear up your throats and brush up your linguistic skills because final round will be a live event, where we stress on the significance of live radio broadcasting. There will be no retakes with instant transmission of every word you utter, so grab a pack of strepsils and prep up your vocal chords.


Welcome to the nerve racking newsroom. Anchor It requires delegates to select appropriate pieces of news (which shall be provided beforehand; we aren’t cruel enough to put you on the spot – yet) and read the given pieces from a teleprompter on the day of the event. The news pieces will range from International News, Sports to Entertainment and will also include one “Breaking News” segment. Delegates will be judged on selection of appropriate news pieces, adherence to the time limit, presentation, articulation, and ease with teleprompter amongst other things.


“Watson, you can see everything. You fail, however, to reason from what you see.” –The Adventures of Sherlock Homes

Get ready to put on your thinking hats and search for clues Sherlock Holmes-style. This event will make you run all around the campus searching for various clues which will be building blocks of a news story. If you are astute and attentive enough, you’ll sail across effortlessly! Once all the required clues are gathered, the delegates will be expected to write a report. The purpose of this event is to give the delegates a brief glimpse into the world of investigative journalism.


It’s time to flaunt your tech savvy status with Print Pandemonium. Participants get to come up with an out of the ordinary magazine issue revolving around CARMA VII. Delegates are given guidelines along with a tutorial and have the first few days of CARMA to work on their magazine. Unlike the other journalism events, any number of delegates can work in a team in this event. The winning team’s magazine is printed and distributed at the end of CARMA!


Let us take you to a crime scene and make you encounter a situation where crime is enacted in front of you. You get to experience on field reporting buzz with adrenaline surging through your veins while you try to keep a clear head, steady voice and also maintain on-spot vigilance. You are required to take live footage of the crime, provide commentary on it and leave no stone unturned to make it feel like a real news segment. The event consists of three phases and each phase adds to the crime scenario. Fasten your seat belts delegates; things are going to get out of hand.


Social media has taken the world of information with storm. Delegates, it’s time to show how your hash tags are on point and your tweets always find their way into trending stream. The delegates will be required to tweet about the happenings at CARMA once it commences. Twitterati tests delegates’ social media skills. You will be judged on how creative and active your team is on Twitter. The number of retweets and favorites your tweets are able to attract will also matter. Let the Tweeting begin!


This event is designed to test how effectively you can create and film a public service message. We will provide you a theme to work with and produce a video that communicates the desired message. Creativity, originality and overall impact of the message will carry weight in our judging criteria.


DTD is one of our most intellectually challenging events. It requires the delegates to identify the various logical fallacies that are found in journalism and to contemplate the many reasons for their prevalence. It ensures that you do not just get to look at the media from the perspective of the readers, but also from the perspective of the journalists themselves. In fact we will give you the opportunity to act out the roles of news agencies in a press conference simulation!

Theme for CARMA


In an age where social and print media dominate civil society, journalism has become the foundation upon which public perception is premised. It is the common thread between vast and varied countries and cultures alike, and enables their amalgamation into the 21st century conception of the global village.

This field is not only a platform for the broadcasting of world events, but also the lens through which that news is viewed. With this great power comes great responsibility, but in the frenzied quest for the most eye- catching story, there is one element that can get neglected: the truth. The struggle of sensationalism versus substance is one that is extremely relevant in modern day journalistic practice.

The theme for CARMA VII is ‘Truth and Power’. The aim of this endeavor is to provide delegates with an insight into the ethics of journalism and inculcate within them the value of verity. CARMA’s wide range of journalism events and workshops offers an array of opportunities for the delegates. It will test their investigative skills, serve as an outlet for their creativity, and, most importantly, instill within them the passion for truth and tenacity to uncover it that is so essential for a proficient journalist.

Social Events

To help you unwind and relax, and to ensure that your nights are just as entertaining as your days, at the end of each day we have a social event. Typically, these include an opening ceremony during which we unveil the trophy (and sometimes reveal a clue for our investigative event!), a concert and a closing dinner. On occasion we also throw in a mysterious surprise event.

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