About CARMA 2015

Brace yourselves for the most invigorating journalism event of your lives because this March, Lums Daily Student (LDS) is back with the sixth exciting edition of Convention for Aspiring Reporters and Media Anchors (CARMA), Pakistan’s first journalism event. CARMA ‘15 will be a three day journalistic moot, taking place from 27th March till 29th March.This year’s summit has been revolutionized to create a wholesome media event with the striking theme of “Beyond the Boundaries”. Aimed at providing a galvanized jot of media reporting, the enlivened competition will boost the participants’ journalistic intellect.
So, bring out the action-packed journalist in you and join us for Carma’15. Grasp how to discern reality, strive for competent yet fair broadcasting in contemporary media sensationalism and cherish a thrilling experience for times to come.

This Year's Theme "Beyond Boundaries"

The age of Big Data has led to advances in technology that have had journalistic communication on the upbeat. Genres like photo journalism or yellow journalism, popularly known as sensationalism, have become the front and center of the field of journalism, entrancing the millennial and the older generation alike. The internet has empowered ordinary people to generate and consume news via social media which has not only helped to preserve the essence of journalism but has also ramped up the ongoing struggle to champion the cause that underlies the field. The theme of CARMA’15 is ‘Beyond Boundaries’. The aim of this endeavor is to highlight the ever extending domain of modern day media and how it has become responsible for not only bringing nations together but also instigating cultural revolutions, molding public opinions and shaping history as it plays out. Through CARMA’15, we aim to generate within delegates an understanding of responsible journalism and how important it has become in this day and age. In this sense, CARMA will be looking at boundaries in both their physical aspects as well as metaphysical aspects. Where the former will be visible in the form of international delegates, our journalism events and workshops will also revolve around the theme by capitalizing upon the power of the media to effectuate change and revolutionize international relations as well as cultural and societal norms. We believe in empowering youth with a vision to promote and restore journalism so that they become the spearheads of a cause that is revered for enlightening both the cosmopolites and those who live at the back of beyond.

Journalism Events

Read a preview of what this year's CARMA will be like.


This event is going to test your skills at being an entertaining news reporter for a radio broadcaster! The first round will be before the event starts. Your task is to introduce your radio show in your recording; do it in the most entertaining way. Our panel of judges will decide which teams qualify. The next round will be a live event. Delegates will be asked to actually host the radio show they introduced in the previous round! So don’t get sick and keep a Vicks drop in hand! It’s time for you to train yourself to talk big and be heard!

Anchor It

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an? Well, we can’t guarantee you millions of viewers, but we can definitely give you a brief glimpse into the life of a news anchor. The purpose of this event is to familiarize delegates with what goes on inside a newsroom. Anchor It involves delegates selecting appropriate pieces of news (which shall be provided beforehand; we aren’t cruel enough to put you on the spot – yet) and reading said pieces from a teleprompter on the day of the event. The news pieces will vary from International News, Sports, and Entertainment etc. and will also include one “Breaking News” segment. Delegates will be judged on selecting appropriate news pieces, adhering to the time limit, presentation, how they speak, and reading the teleprompter correctly amongst other things.


Get ready to put on your thinking hats and search for clues Sherlock Holmes-style. This event will have delegates running all around campus searching for various clues to complete a news story. If you are quick and attentive enough, you’ll be able to do that in no time! Once they have gathered all the necessary clues, the delegates will then be expected to write a report. The purpose of this event will be to give the delegates a brief glimpse into the world of investigative journalism.

Print Pandemonium

Print Pandemonium is the journalism event designed to let delegates show off their creativity in print form. Participants get to come up with a magazine that revolves around CARMA. Delegates are given guidelines along with a tutorial and have the first few days of CARMA to work on their magazine. Unlike the other journalism events, any number of delegates can work in a team in this event. The winning team’s magazine is printed and distributed at the end of CARMA!


This is where all the action happens. Delegates get a chance to witness and report on an exciting crime scenario. A crime is enacted in front of the participants and they have to create a news piece based on it. This means that they have to take footage of the crime, provide commentary on it and do everything they can in order to make it seem like a real news segment. The event consists of three phases and each phase adds to the crime scenario.


The newest addition to LUMS’ CARMA! It includes two major activities. The delegates will be required to tweet about the happenings at CARMA once it begins. Twitterati tests delegates’ social media skills. You will be judged on how creative and active their team is on Twitter. The number of retweets and favourites your tweets are able to attract will also matter.

Public Service Message

This event is designed to test how effectively you can create and film a public service message. The task is simple: we will give you a theme to work with and you have to produce a video that communicates your chosen message in an original way.

Discover the Difference

DTD is one of our most intellectually challenging events. It requires the delegates to identify the various logical fallacies that are found in journalism and to contemplate the many reasons for their prevalence. The best part: not only do you get to look at the media from the perspective of the readers, but also from the perspective from the journalists themselves. In fact we will give you the opportunity to act out the roles of news agencies in a press conference simulation!

Host Team

LDS President

Batool Somjee



Mehr Asma Javed


Saif Khan


Ayisha Nadeem

General Secretary

Muhammad Awais Saeed

Vice President

Maham Sajid

Senior Council Member

Anam Fatima

Director J-Events

Maidah Mir

Director J-Events

Muhammad Ali

Director Registrations

Aleena Majeed

Director Registrations

Shoaib Jamshed

Director Marketing

Mishal Alam

Director Marketing

Waqas Arif

Director Publications

Hafsa Shah

Director HR

Muhammad Ali Mehdi

Director Visa and Protocol

Aiza Zawaar

Director IT

Irtza Suhail

Director Creativity

Ali Abdullah

Event Head – Print Pandemonium

Tuba Dar

Event Head – Twitterati

Amna Omer

Event Head – Shootout

Dilawar Ali

Event Head – Anchor It

Zuha Asif Siddiqui

Event Head – VoiceBox

Musa Aamir

Directors Publications

Hadiqa Khan

Director External Relations

Zahra Irfan

Director Security

Safeer Alvi

Director Accomodations

Mian Umar Farooq

Director External Promotions

Waksh Awais

Director Media

Danish Shahid

Director Acting

Shariq Thara

Rules and Regulations

Each team must provide a letter of consent from their respective institution stating that they are bonafide students of said institution. The letter must be on the institutions’ official letterhead along with its stamp and the signature of the Principal/Faculty Advisor.
Each delegate must be at least doing O-Levels or Matric 1st year in order to be eligible to compete.
Each team must contain 5 or 6 members.
The Team Leader must submit answers to all the questions in the form that will be used for shortlisting teams for Phase 2.
Teams short-listed for Phase 2 will be judged on the basis of the answers submitted
Pictures must be 2×2 inches in dimension, less than 200kb in size, and named in the following format. “CandidateName_TeamName_SchoolName” Accepted picture formats are .jpg/.jpeg
No institution or team can register for CARMA VI after the first phase of registrations.
The bonafide letter (as stated in Rule 1) and the complete registration fee must be submitted within the stipulated time period during final phase of registrations. Failure to adhere to the deadline will result in immediate disqualification.
All payments made are non-refundable.
All delegation details must be finalized by the end of Phase 2. Any changes made after this date will not be entertained without a fine.
The short-listed teams are chosen at the discretion of the CARMA VI Host Team and are not open to discussion.
Once a team clears Phase 2, their status will be confirmed via E-mail.
Waitlisted teams may be offered a place in the event depending on the number of slots available.
The Registration Department reserves the right to reject any team or individual at any stage of the registration process.
The Registration Department reserves the right to add to or amend the rules of registrations at any point in time. However, any amendments will be made public before they are exercised and delegates will be given due notice.
CARMA VI reserves the right to terminate any team or team member during the event if any a delegate is caught violating any rules that hinder the decorum of the event or damage LUMS property. In case of disqualification there will be no fee refund.
Any act of rejection of any team at any stage during and/or before the event by the registration department cannot be challenged in any court of Law.

Phase I

Phase 1 of Registrations ends on 28th February 2015. Teams can enlist through the online registration portal. During this phase, the team will have to complete the online form and provide all the information asked. All valid applications with complete information will be catered to.

Phase II

Teams selected for Phase 2 will be contacted through email and phone. Each team will be required to send in a pay-orders/demand draft drawn in favor of “Lahore University of Management Sciences” along with photocopies of their student ID cards/NIC and a bonafide letter from their school/university.

Payment Details

Fee Structure

Teams will be obligated to make all payments within the defined deadlines to compete in the summit.
The fee structure for CARMA VI is as follows:
• Team Registration Fee: Rs. 1,500/-
• Event Fee: Rs. 3000 per delegate
• On-Campus (LUMS) Accommodation Fee: Rs. 1,500/- per delegate
Note: The Event Fee covers both Journalism Events and Social Events. Accommodation will only be provided to delegates who do not have residence in Lahore.

Payment Procedure

In the second phase, each team is required to submit the following:
1. Single Pay Order OR Bank Draft in favor of Lahore University of Management Sciences;
2. Photocopy of Pay Order OR Bank Draft
3. Waiver of Liability for each delegate;
4. Accommodation Waiver of Liability for each delegate (if applicable);
5. Institution Consent Letter
6. Photocopies of student ID cards/NIC and bonafide letter.
Note: Waiver forms will be mailed and uploaded on the website after the first phase. Please submit ALL of the aforementioned documents in a single envelope (multiple teams from the same institute can send these documents together but they should be labeled accordingly).
The mailing envelope MUST have the respective Team ID(s) written clearly on the back of the envelope. The bank draft along with the other documents mentioned above must be sent to the following address:
Extra-Curricular Activities Office
Lahore University of Management Sciences
Syed Maratib Ali Sports Complex
Sector U, DHA, Lahore Cantt. 54792
The payments can be made through a Pay Order OR Bank Draft. The payments can be made as a cumulative sum on a single Pay Order OR Bank Draft made in favor of ‘Lahore University of Management Sciences’.
Please note that the name of the institution and the Team ID(s) MUST be mentioned at the back of the Pay Order or Bank Draft.

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