Commemorate CARMA with an exciting introduction to our event and its proceedings. Get a chance to listen to leading journalists and learn actionable insights from these professionals. The ceremony will include attendance from the likes of Mehr Bukhaari, Waseem Badami, and Muneeb Farooqi, and much more (depending on their availability). You will have the opportunity to network with the guests to best garner their expertise and apply them to the journalism events following suite for you. You will be introduced to the prize catch for the willing delegation, so shall we begin?


An amazing concert remains a tradition to CARMA proceedings. This time around we are hoping to onboard the likes of Ali Sehti, Omer Mukhtar and Abrar-ul-haq to deliver a virtual concert like never before! So grab your friends, make room for your loved ones on the sofa and tune in to experience a musical evening of a life time, all at the convenience of your home!


To further substantiate your experience with CARMA, we aim to offer other avenues to destress after a heavy dose of journalism. At the end of day 1 and in between breaks, get an opportunity to sing, laugh and play with the CARMA host team who very enthusiastically await your attendance! We offer a comedy performance with a renounced comedian, an online gaming event and cross-team Karaoke session and more. Don’t forget to tune in and have the best of times!


After three whole days of news reporting, anchoring, investigating and essentially hard core journalism, we will finally bid farewell to CARMA-glitched. Together we will celebrate the end of the 12th edition of CARMA which will commemorate with announcing the results of all 8 journalistic and media events. Finally we will have a motivational speaker to wrap up the event and make the it memorable for a lifetime!