Journalism Events are the epicenter of CARMA. Embodying the theme of Global Media and Whistleblowing, these events are the highlight of the 4 day fiesta buzz with excitement and new challenges for our delegates.



This is the perfect challenge for those who think they have what it takes to
face a deadly combination of three C's - crime, coverage, credibility. As a thrilling storyline
unfolds over a span of three phases, delegates will be required to capture and compile the
events to create a news broadcast worthy of being crowned the winner. Worry not, they will be
not be left to flounder on their own. A workshop will be held on how to create such a clip, and
the winning story from last year’s CARMA will also be screened. So, get your mikes ready and
let the cameras roll!



Words may not be your medium of choice when it comes to journalism, but
there’s still the art of conveying a story through the lens of a camera. Portray humanity strung
between fleeting moments using Snap It as your launchpad. An event dedicated to photographic
journalism, Snap It requires participants to cover skits and reiterate their plots in carefully
composed articles relying heavily on the use of pictures. They will be judged on various levels,
such as technical expertise, manipulation of the various elements involved in the process, and
of course, the article where the ability to effectively narrate a story by their photographic skills
and creative ideas. So grab your cameras, and click away.



Need just another chance at being your own Sahir Lodhi and channeling
your inner Radio Jockey? Fret not, for Carma has your back on this one too with Voice Box. Get
ready to to woo your audience with your creativity, and work those vocal chords to put together
your own radio broadcast show for Phase 1 of this event; broadcasts that will be judged on their
narratives and quality content. Once select teams make their way on to phase 2, a live show
with special guests awaits the participants, who will be judged for their spontaneity, expression
and content and the winners leave the game all set to make their mark in radio journalism.

Print Pandemonium (1)


Be it Harpers Bazaar or The New York Times, nothing beats the
power of words conveyed over a written medium. In this event, delegates will try their hands at
designing and compiling their own newsletters. They will be required to attend a workshop to
learn the basics of this task, after which they will be free to roam the campus throughout the
event to gather material.  While the conventional content is usually a letter to the editor, a few
host team member interviews and brief CARMA coverage, at least one original element in each
newsletter is mandatory. More originality means more brownie points though, so keep the
creativity coming. Finally, the newsletter will have to submitted at a given deadline, and the best
newsletter will win the event.



Fancy yourself the next Sherlock Holmes? Step into
the shoes of famous detectives as you try to unravel the complicated web of mysteries this
event presents. Delegates’ will have help from guideposts in this endeavor that include scenes
acted out by characters and other clues to be found all over the campus. Using the information
they will gather painstakingly over the three phases, delegates will stitch together the story and
compose a news report to be submitted at the assigned deadline, based on which the winning
team will be decided.



In the age of information one is constantly being bombarded
with pseudo realities, crafted by the media to sanitize the present as it pleases. If you're one to
break away from the herd being shepherd by the media, then Discover The Difference is your
event. Tactfully organized to provide insight into the biases perpetuated within the media, this
event is divided into two phases. The first phase is aimed at the participant's' ability to critically
analyze a piece, while the second phase is its polar opposite, putting participants in a practical
situation where they have to operate upon the biases, and act as reporters attending a news
conference. The winner of the event is determined by the most effective display of analytical
skills and maneuverability
 of journalist ethics.

anchor it


Does the regular news bother you? Do you feel that it is being exploited?
How would you like to change the narrative, to take charge of telecasting the news and to report
it the way you like it? Take into your hands the power to halt the wave of manipulated ignorance
blanketing the minds of most. Anchor it is the perfect platform for you to enhance your news
reporting and anchoring skills with its two phases; the first phase will focus on your ability to
present a story, while the second one will target your abilities to take control of your argument
and your stage.

Public Service Message


Corruption. Extortion. Harassment. Discrimination. Several
vices plague our society, and these vices are not uncommon even in the structures of legitimate
institutions. Indeed, most of the times such misconduct is swept under the rug by those in
positions of authority and the victims are left to piece back together their lives. PSM aims to
break through this wall of silence and bring to attention the activities that happen in the shadows
of such figures using an audio visual medium. As such, the delegates will be required to create
a video that speaks out against these crimes and highlight the dire consequences that they
leave behind. Only once we recognize these critical problems can we work to rid the society of